New Zealand Trip Report 2016 – Regina’s and Andre’s trip reports

Too old to work, too young to die – let’s travel. My wife Regina and myself decided to visit the most exciting places on this world and since we don’t know how long we long we can afford the long flights we started with the most distant destinations. And after visiting Antarctica in 2015 the most distant target from Europe is New Zealand. In January – February 2016 we had a gorgeous trip to the Southern and Northern Islands of New Zealand,  spent ca 7 weeks there and  drove ca 6500 km in a rented camper. We would like to share our impressions with you in this New Zealand trip report 2016.  Please accompany us on this trip.

We were astonished about the variety of volcanic landscapes, seas, rivers glaciers and mountains, sandy beaches and rocks  that we have seen. Words can’t describe the very spectacular landscapes, the amazing nature and the wonderful colors we have seen.

Of course you could have seen the waterfalls in Canada, the fjords in Norway the sandy beaches in the Carribbean and the glaciers in Iceland, but in New Zealand you can see all these nature in one ‘small’ country. Gorgeous!

People are friendly, and travelling is very easy.

Visited Places

We have written this trip report both to describe what we have seen but also to help other people to plan such a trip. Please accompany us on this trip.  We have visited New Zealand Trip Report 2016 – Christchurch, Canterbury Area, New Zealand Trip Report 2016 – Dunedin, Te Anau, Milford Sound, New Zealand Trip Report 2016 – Quenstown, Arrowtown, Fox and Franz Joseph Glacier, New Zealand Trip Report 2016 – Abel National Park, Marlborough Sounds, Picton, New Zealand Trip Report 2016 – Wellington, Napier, New Zealand Trip Report 2016 – Tongariro, Roturoa, Coromandel, New Zealand Trip Report 2016 – Cape Reinga, Whangarei, New Zealand Trip Report 2016 – Auckland.

People who want to plan such a trip should address the New Zealand Trip Report 2016 – Conclusion too. The New Zealand Trip Report 2016 – Itinerary shows the places where we have been and where we have stayed.

The native English speakers please apologize my grammatical and lingual faults. However be aware that they are my intellectual property and cannot be used without my prior written agreement.

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