Christchurch,  Canterbury Area

We arrived to Cristchurch on Jan 17,2016 coming from Frankfort via Singapore. Christchurch is the most English of the NZ cities and  is the second largest city in NZ (after Auckland).

Christchurch was hit in the last years by two major earthquakes – one in 2010 and in one 2011 which produced a lot of destruction and human victims. We were shocked about the extent of the destructions in downtown Christchurch. A lot of large buildings are still standing but it is not allowed to enter them because of the danger of danger of collapse. Only half of the cathedral is standing, the rest is collapsed.

For us it was very depressing to see this. Of course there is a lot of construction activity in the city but this still cannot remove the very sad feeling to see such a disaster. The city is quite empty and even during the day there are only a few people on the streets.

We have seen a nice show with magicians for children and then we visited the botanical garden which is on the major attractions in Christchurch. We admired the huge old trees which require form the rangers a lot of climbing ability. The serenity of this place must be felt to believe.